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Tell Your Story (Part Two)

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When we concluded Part One I had skipped ahead to giving my life to the Lord. Well, lets back track to when I left home. As I stated before, within two weeks of my leaving my father died. It was the most staggering blow to me. He had made the choice to drink, and he paid for it with his life.
I want to concentrate on forgiveness, or lack thereof. When I left home my family did the, “It you leave you can never comeback” thing.” I honored that. We spoke by phone, and from time to time I saw them, but for the most part I did not. Even when I thought I was making an effort to forgive I kept running into their words.
I was the child who had parents that were self-centered, but my extended family made me think it was normal. It has taken years to come to terms with the abnormality, and heartless behavior.
I tell you this because forgiveness should never a door you choose to live behind. We all made mistakes because the ego is a complicated thing. Ego destroyed my family because no one was willing to admit they were wrong.
I do believe that God kept me from my family for a season, because they were doing a lot of harm. My mother would call the girl’s home on a weekly basis and threaten to beat me up. It stopped when one of the counselors heard it.
I was 18 the last time I saw my mother. In that time I had gotten my GED one year before I would have graduated from high school. I was sent by Job Corps to college. On my vacation my mother showed up at the center. She proceeded to tell me that I had suffered all the abuse because I talked too much. I put her on the first train that came.
When I met Christ within weeks of this event I prayed a simple prayer. I told God if He wanted her in my life fine, if not keep her away from me. He has chosen the later. I have spoken to her a few times, but nothing really.
She continued going in and out of jail, running away, and having the FBI showing up looking for her.
I tell you this because I believe that sometimes God’s answer is clear. He is a father and has your heart in mind. He loves you more than you will ever be able to comprehend. He has replaced with my family with people who love me, encourage me, pray for me, etc. They may not be flesh and blood, but I say what God joins together can be far stronger.
So, what is your story? Where has God brought you from? I really want to know. There is deliverance in the words our testimony and the Blood of the Lamb.
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jasmine w said...

Girl just got done reading this..., actually both part 1 and 2. You are a very strong woman to have gone through so much trauma and come out stronger. God bless you and keep you.