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Can Blacks be Friends with Whites

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Last night a young lady’s father died from Prostate Cancer. In the midst of calming her down, a white staff member seemed to be insensitive about her reaction to the death with his words. His words started a conversation among four black women about the possibility of friendship with whites.
The general consensus was that friendship was not the word, but tolerance. Of course, the idea was that the two would be friends until something went wrong, then the black person would be wrong because of their color.

This is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard. If two people are angry and color comes out in the argument then there is more to deal with then what made the argument was about. I have been friends of all colors, ethnicities, etc, and to be honest, I hear more of the racist views from my own black people then any other culture.
It is not only limited to the white people, but educated black people or anyone that is not exactly like them.
Please don’t think I am naïve enough to think that there are no racist, however, I wonder if we keep sending the message to ourselves that we are not good enough to be friends with. I wonder if we believe that we are the rapist, murderers, etc, and therefore, we will always have reason to be ashamed.
I do not think so; I love some of the real black leaders of the last generation. We are a strong people with some weaknesses that for some reason we can’t seem to acknowledge. One of them is our own racism.
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Anonymous said...

You are the first black women I know to acknowledge what I have been thinking for years.