Del Williams


Black America and Homelessness

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The streets are full of black Americans unable to find or keep a home. Why is this? Drugs, mental illness, and poverty are the main reasons. So what are we, who are able, supposed to do? Help those in need. How do we do this? Stop assuming every homeless person is a drug addict. Stop assuming that people on the street want to be there. And most importantly, stop throwing family members out over foolishness!
I have heard countless stories about how family members turn on each other when someone dies if money is involved. Then there are the abused women with their children escaping fools who think they should have to deal with their anger. The other is people who just refuse to get along with others, regardless of who they are.
So, the next time you see a homeless person, think of what you would like if it were you. A warm coat, a hot meal or cold water are easy to provide. A smile and a kind word go further. You do not need to give them money, and in fact, you should not.
We need to think of what we can do as a community to help those who cannot help themselves.
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