Del Williams


Cindy Sheehan Arrested


Who ever made a real point by breaking the law? Sheehan was marching and then decided to sit on the sidewalk. She was warned three times that she was breaking the law, but refused to move. Handcuffs came out and she was arrested. Is this the message she is meaning to send. She says she wants peaceful marches, but I guess breaking the law is okay.
She will be out in a couple of hours unless she pulls some stunt, which my gut tells me she is going to. Will she refuse to leave? How about a hunger strike? Which one will accomplish her purpose of staying in the spot light? I suspect neither. Maybe a few days behind bars will help her remember WHO this was supposed to be about. Her son!!
I get flack from writing against this woman, but I don’t hear the other 1900 other mothers putting their dead son on display. If she did not want him to fight in a war then she should not have let him join. She could have camped out at his house until he relented. Mothers have ways of making children feel guilty, so why didn’t she use hers.
Maybe Casey believed in what he fought and died for unlike his mother.
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

"Who ever made a real point by breaking the law?"

Rosa Parks for starters

I can think of a few others, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Oscar Schindler and Malcolm X to name a few more. What a ridiculous statement.

"You're not to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it. "

"We must become the change we want to see."

"Our nettlesome task is to discover how to organize our strength into compelling power."

Anonymous said...

Cindy Sheehan is a media whore that realizes a few nights in jail will keep her name in the news. She had to take a back seat on account of Hurricane Rita and as she put it by "a little wind and rain". Don't kid yourself Cindy is as narcistic as they come.

Ert said...

My goodness. Civil disobedience has a long and honorable history in changing the direction of governments, dating back to Thoreau's pre-civil-war writings. It's been used in nonviolent resistance movements in India in the fight against British colonialism, South Africa in the fight against apartheid and in the civil rights movement of the USA and Europe as well as in the Scandinavian resistance against Nazi occupation. How can you belittle it so easily?

"Mothers have ways of making their children feel guilty"? How many 20 year old men do you know that do everything their mothers want them to do?

Anonymous said...

Del, I find your attack on Cindy Sheehan self-serving. Everybody has a right stand up and say what they feel in their time, their moment. Isn't that what the Land of the Free is all about?

Why would Cindy Sheehan only be validated by proving her dissent three years ago? We all learn moment by moment. We can all be seduced, and wake up later, brighter and clearer. We can even sell our bright and clear rights if it furthers our cause - isn't that the peak of capitalism. Does that make our view less valid? Cindy Sheehan may not be perfect, who is?
At the root your war is an oil-greedy war - fat, unjustfied and truly evil - who better than a grievous mother to so say? If Cindy Sheehan was so much of nothing that you imply, no one would think of arresting her in person, nor would they bother to attack her with words.
There is nothing to justify the loss of all the USA boys & gals, and their limbs. There is nothing to justify the even greater havoc and greater suffering of the Iraqi people who are actually every bit as valuable as any USA citizen, soldier and mother.
How come the great and mighty USA seems so incapable of learning its own lessons? It is a flagrant weakness that stands to tear you apart with a force that is incomparable to the Katrina's and Rita's.
You've had Vietnam, you've had Nicaragua, Angola, Afganistan, Congoetc. etc. ... - you've had everywhere there's been a conflict twisted by your CIA - that is you.

It is fucked-up-delusional-applepie naiviety to imagine your Hollywood-White-House-Our President-style spin provides some kind of buffer. It does not. The world sees you.

You are ugly in your disrespect of a grief-struck mother. You are ugly in your justification of unjustfiable war. You are ugly to suggest that real people have died meaningfully for you and your fat, wasteful lifestyle. What absolute narcisscism!
You are ugly in your lack of tolerance, acceptance and compassion.