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Welcome Chief Justice Roberts


With a 77-22 vote, John Roberts became the nations 17th Chief Justice of the United States. Democrats were split and the vote reflected it. There were some who just objected in order to be defiant. Roberts is a brilliant legal mind and actually knows how to keep his mouth shut, his hands of women, and his pen off paper. How refreshing. Now the question becomes, how will the big boys play? None of them was selected to fill the Chief Justice seat, so I am sure there is going to be some anger. But if Chief Justice Roberts stays true to form, he will weather their storm.
The final question is who is up for O’Conner’s seat? Will Bush pick a woman? Or will he leave the women in this country to Gingsburg. May it never be!!! Hopefully whoever the President picks will not be blocked by the Democrats. I mean they hate losing. I guess they forget that we have an 83 year old on the bench, so Bush will most likely be making another nomination in the near future. That will eliminate the seniors, so new blood after this appointment.
Some of the 53 responsibilities spelled out in federal law:
-- Approve appointments and salaries of some court employees.
-- Direct the publication of Supreme Court opinions.
-- Select company to handle the printing and binding of court opinions.
-- Send appeals back to lower courts, if justices cannot agree on them.
-- Call and preside at an annual meeting of the Judicial Conference of the United States and report to Congress the group's legislative recommendations.
-- Approve appointments made by the Architect of the Capitol of employees to care for the Supreme Court building and grounds.
-- Named to the Board of Trustees of the National Gallery of Art.
The Chief Justice is also paid more than the Associate Justices. In 2005, the yearly salary of the Chief Justice was set at $202,900, while the salary of an Associate Justice was $194,200.

Welcome Chief Justice Roberts to your new post. Serve the people well.
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Anonymous said...

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3rd Generation Wise Guy said...

I agree with you. I'm actually happy that Mr. Roberts is finally the Chief Justice. I'm an independant, but I still believe that the democrats really had no logical reason to try rejecting him. Justice won in the end on this one.(Sorry, unintended pun)

Anonymous said...

The problem with Roberts is not what he said, but rather what he didn't say. The senate has a right to straight answers and Roberts dodged them all. The split amoungst the Democrats was not a rift over Roberts, but rather a strategic rift about how to handle a conformation that they couldn't pull the political weight to filibuster to better position themselves to influence the next vacancy.