Del Williams


Where was Cindy Sheehan Three Years Ago?

Saturday marked a sad day for America when 100,000 people marched in Washington to protest the war. This is all spearheaded by a grieving mother, Cindy Sheehan, who said nothing when her son joined the service, yet now that he paid the ultimate price, she has volumes to say.
Well Cindy where were you on March 19, 2002 when this all started? Where were your tents and signs then? Finally, how could you disparage your son’s memory by making him the reason you found your voice? Were you a pacifist before or did this just come out?
Nearly nineteen hundred other people have lost sons, daughters, fathers, and mothers, but few would dishonor their death by saying the war was not just and therefore they died in vain. Your speech makes your son’s death a thing of vanity.
We as a nation are grateful for his service and sacrifice, but you act like a mother who wants everyone to pay for his decision to go. There was no drafting, so he could have stayed home, but unlike his mother, he loved his country. He didn’t question his duty and he knew the price he could pay.
I am sorry for your loss, but I am sorrier that you have chosen to lash out against our soldiers and nation to handle your grief. Maybe the two book deal with Open Media will ease some of the suffering.
By the way Cindy, telling Italy to withdraw is just about near treason in my book, so if you can not handle the war and the cost of it, please GO HOME!!! You do not speak for the majority, but a bunch of renegades that would picket and march over anything that is against our President. You should be so happy you live in this country where, as a woman, you can do all this without getting killed. Your son died to give that same right to women in Iraq, or was your son’s blood to high a price for their freedom?
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Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter where Cindy was 3
years ago, she is without her son 3
years later...and How DARE YOU
question her pain, loss and justify
ed ANGER, against this liar Bush,
Cheney, Rice,Moron Rumsfeld,that
all are part of premtive strike
and innocent blood(Americans and
iraq)!! You are wrong and plainly
ignorant of the Truth,....and you
stated a known lie, majority of
Americans Do Not Support this
Police action(not war, only Congress can declare war)but you
don't care about facts getting in
the way of your Agenda....not being
SENSITIVE to the Hypocritic actions
of this Cruel Administration,but
be assured more everyday are
waking up (like Cindy) !!

Steve Wild said...

Isn't America a great country. You are totally free to express your opinion just as Cindy Sheehan is (regardless of Cindy's motives or what she has to say).

The 100,000 Americans who protested September 24 are free Americans like you who SUPPORT our troops (I know you disagree) and believe they die for a war illegally conceived by the Bush Administration for an unspoken agenda.

Ms. Sheehan, like now a majority of Americans, has concluded the folly of the war in Iraq and she exercises her First Amendment right.

America is great!