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Ann coulter: Anti Women?

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What can I say about Ann Coulter? She is an elitist, conservative female that has issues with the President’s choices. Is she upset that he did not appoint her to any post? Maybe. She did not like Clinton because he could get women to play doctor, and now she has issues because the President picked a “girl.”

"The president had thrown away a Supreme Court seat on his personal lawyer — because she's a girl and Laura wanted a girl"

"With the Miers nomination, Bush has screwed his base, screwed Republican senators, screwed legal conservatives."

Someone needs to tell her that in 2000 50.9 percent of the US population was female, so why should only one woman have a say in the nations highest court. She got her way since Miers withdrew from consideration, but she did not win. Maybe Miers did not need to have the limelight as she seems to. Maybe she wanted her work to speak for itself and not how many books she sold. Coulter is out of control for the way she talked about this woman.
Is Ann Coulter qualified for the seat? I say the President should put her name in and let her receive the kind of treatment she handed out to Miers. At least Miers still practices law, unlike Coulter who seems to only Yap and write books. Maybe she couldn’t cut it in the real legal world, and can only give opinion and rhetoric. Hey, it sells books.

Miers showed herself to be more mature instead of petty when people came against her. Could Coulter do the same. Nope! While Coulter gets ready to bash the next nominee, Miers will be the one prepping them, so you can’t get rid of her.

So, when the next nominee is put up by the President, be the conservative you claim and support them. She not only made her party look bad, but she didn’t help women

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