Del Williams


Don't Take Other People's Crap


I have come to a revelation at the age of 40 that I seem to have overlooked. It is this: I am not the dumping ground of people with issues. It is one thing to help people who want to be helped or seriously need it, but it is another thing to let someone play mental games with you and to cause havoc in your life. There are therapist to handle the mentally unstable, and I am not one. I will fight for the rights of the mentally ill, but I cannot abide by those who use their illness as an excuse or justification for the bad treatment of others.

Who got me in a huff? Well, a lady that has one time too many proven that she is manipulative and calculating. She will be sweet to your face and then stab you in the back. I have tried every peaceful method known to man to deal with her, but have finally concluded that I will not be the dump. She needs serious therapy and perhaps a clue.

She is white, so I am wondering if this has progressed into a racial issue. I will not handle it like that. Let me just make it clear.

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Anonymous said...

Made for good reading atleast!
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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. I have also dealt with similiar-type people. They will play the race card to justify their bad behavior.

mathprof said...

Thank you for writing about this. Your insights are right on about people that are manipulative and calculating!

About the race issue:

I am white but have a daughter that is half black. I know what you mean when you won't "handle it like that". I too see so many instances when my daughter is treated different then her white girlfriends and most of the time it is subtle enough to MAYBE not be racial. When it isn't so subtle and I do suggest it might be racial then people don't know how to respond since I am white calling it like it is--not just another black person "playing the race card". I believe it more difficult to suggest racism when you are black. On the other hand, even though it is wearing on the soul, pointing out peoples overt prejudices is sometimes the only option and I believe an opportunity to make the world better for our children.