Del Williams


Love and Leave

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Recently I had a friend who was notorious about telling people she loved them. Seemed okay at first, but then I looked at the people who she chose as her friends. They were alcoholics. Not the recovering kind, but the fallen down drunk. I found myself telling her one day that I could not continue in our relationship because I felt like she was always trying to rescue people. She never wanted anyone to have to deal with the consequences of their actions. I am not an alcoholic, so she found it difficult to really be my friend. She couldn't think she was better than me, like she did the others.

So now I see that her love was based on her need for codependency. When one person said no, she went on to the next person. I should note that this woman was raised by an alcoholic, does not drink, and was in the not for profit areana until someone offered her more money. Gives new meaning to "fleeting."
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