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Miers is Bush Choice for Supreme Court

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On the first day of official court business at the Supreme Court, with the new Chief Justice taking his seat, Bush nominated Harriet Miers, 60, for the High Court.
Miers Told President Bush she was"very grateful for the confidence in me that you've shown by this nomination and certainly I am humbled by it."
This is one of those nominees where critics are saying, "Who?" The unknown nominee has over 30 years worth of legal experience, but has never been a judge. That may be a blessing in disguise since Bush says he wants someone to follow the constitution and not legislate from the bench.
This will be an uphill climb, because they are going to dig up every case she ever worked on, her pet's name, and the kind of clothing she wears.

Considering that O'Connor, who Miers will place if confirmed, was the swing vote, it is quite possible that Bush has found her opposite. She has been on his staff since his Texas days, is on the White House counsel staff, and has no issue with working on the ranch. In other words, Bush knows her. He spent months vetting her before he even asked her at dinner on Sunday night.

Miers said, "I will have a tremendous responsibility to keep our judicial system strong and help ensure that the courts meet their obligation to strictly apply the law and the Constitution." President Bush said, "In our great democracy, the Supreme Court is the guardian of our constitutional freedoms and the protector of our founding promise of equal justice under the law." Seems like they are on the same page with what type of court He wants to create.

Most likely the senate will wait until the new year before confirming Miers with all the holidays coming up, and trying to find out whatever they can. Is she a wise choice? Time will tell.
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