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Women Who Kill Their Children

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What do Susan Smith, Dena Schlosser, Andrea Yates, and Lashaun Harris have in common? They all killed their children. With the exception of Schlosser, who cut off her daughter’s arms, these women kill multiple children cold and methodically. Harris is the newest of the bunch because she threw three defenseless children off a pier into the San Francisco Bay. She had been hospitalized twice this year for schizophrenia, but chose to stop taking her medicine and then gave in to the voice to kill her children.

The sad thing about the Harris case is that she told people how she wanted to feed her children to the sharks. They did not think it was serious. Her problems were probably compounded by the fact that she was living at the Salvation Army homeless shelter. Why did the family and others that she tried to tell what her voice was saying ignore her? Maybe it was the “not in my family” thing or maybe they did not care. Let’s face it; if they were in the position to help yet chose to leave her and her children in a shelter, one has to take note that all is not well. By casting Harris aside, they cast the children aside. They were only welcome for visits. They could have taken the children and let Harris get her self together.

Further, they knew that Harris had stopped taking her medicine, so common sense said things were going to go whack. Though Harris is responsible for her actions, society should look at the amount of people that could have helped her and chose not to.

Andrea Yates suffered with post-partum depression through all her pregnancies, yet her husband insisted on having more children. He was gone all day, so what did he care. As long as he thought he was a big man with a big family. Psychologically it was clear Yates could not handle the pressure, and he was not listening, so she hurt him by killing five children and then calling him to tell him she did it.

Diane Downs shot her three children multiple times in her car, and then drove them to the emergency room. One child died. Why did shoot them? She got in the way of her love life.

Susan Smith drowned her children, blamed a black man, and then went to prison. She drowned her children because the man she loved did not want to take care of someone else’s children.

Dena Schlosser claimed post-partum psychosis when she cut off her daughter’s arms. Her husband and Pastor seemed to have spearheaded this rage through teaching her to be submissive and that she, as a woman, was a second class citizen. She was to obey the men in her life or she would be cast into hell. She was found incompetent to stand trial.

The worst cast was that of Marybeth Tinning, who killed at least 8 of her nine children after the death of her father and their first child by natural causes. She was convicted and given 20 years because the medical examiners could not really determine the cause of death with the children. This pattern of death went on for over 14 years.

It would seem that some women are not cut out for motherhood, but they keep having children. These women were mentally deficient and their children paid with their life. Why has America been unable to protect children from mothers who kill?
Indifference, to me, is the epitome of evil. Elie Wiesel
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