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Cindy Sheehan Convicted

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Cindy Sheehan has been found guilty of demonstrating without a permit in front of the White House. The charge led to a $50 ticket, but now is $75 and includes paying court costs for her and her 26 other demonstrators. The charges stem from the fact that Sheehan, while in Washington, DC for a peace rally decided to sit down and sing songs. They were asked to disperse but refused. A federal regulation prohibits demonstrations without a required permit outside the White House by groups larger than 25 people.U.S. District Magistrate Judge Alan Kay declared,"the actions they were taking were designed to attract attention. He went on to say, "They were consciously violating the law for publicizing their case."Sheehan made notoriaty when she held a make shift camp down the road from the Texas White House (ranch) during President Bush's vacation in August. She camped for a couple of weeks in an effort to get President Bush to meet with her concerning the death of her son in Iraq. Chris died in the Iraq war in April 2004.It has been reported that Sheehan plans to demonstrate at the ranch again during Bush's Thanksgiving holiday. This might lead to another arrest, because the town has outlawed camping on roads since the last demonstration had so much noise and traffic from groups on both sides of the war. After her conviction, Sheehan's lawyer says they will appeal.Sheehan said she plans to take her peace activist message to Europe next month with stops in London and Madrid.Indifference, to me, is the epitome of evil. Elie Wiesel
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