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Can you confront your fears?

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My job requires a shift bid every six months. So they put all the shifts up for bid and then give you a number at which you can bid. I was number 211. Not great. Well , the shift was good, since I got to sleeep late and still had my weekends off. But alas, I had people tell me that I had the worst coach in the building. No one wanted to work for him. This is sort of evident by the six member team he has. I was going to trade, but decided to talk to him first. What I found was a man who just wanted people to do their job. Nothing wrong with that.
Thinking on it, how good can people be to talk against their own leadership. By talking to him that calmed my fears. I still have an out if I find that he is a tyrant, but at least I am willing to give him a chance first.

How many opportunities are lost because we refuse to confront our fears? Maybe that opportunity to audition for American Idol because you are afraid of what Simon will say. Well, you have to keep it in perspective. He is not all that. It is one mans opinion, and had it not been for American Idol no one would know his name.

So, take some risks and do what you have been desiring to do. Of course, make sure it is legal, virtuous, and sane. It is will hurt you or someone else then you might want to rethink it.

Indifference, to me, is the epitome of evil. Elie Wiesel
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