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Smart Enough to Know When to Go

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Yesterday, after one final write up, I came up with the concept that sometimes you just don't "fit" with a particular company. That was an epiphany to me because I never really thought about that. So, I submitted my resignation. No tears, hurt, or anything, because I knew it was not about being bad at my job. Heck, it was a call center job where they called you. The problem was that my style was not for that particular company. The 8 years experience in call centers, both in and out, were just not for this place.

My only issue was with the picking you apart. I mean I would make a sale and they had a complaint. That is the weirdest thing ever. Now, what is more funny is that they had no issue taking that sale. The information was never wrong, but it wasn't exact wording. Maybe it was the 3 full page small text full disclosures that finally got me.

So, I went in today to finish up and they "politely" said that my resignation was effective today. That worked for me. Since I left at 11am, I have garned 3 interviews and got myself some hours with a home call center program. So, I guess that backfired.

I liked the company, but they do have issues that need to be addressed in how they deal with people. But, I have to admit there are times when you just don't "fit."
Thank God, I found out in five months instead of five years. How many people keep trying to fit places that they don't belong? Let me tell you, it adds undue stress on you. Life is too short to put up with bullshit.

Indifference, to me, is the epitome of evil. Elie Wiesel
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