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Used Car Nightmare

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On Februrary 17th I bought a used 1993 Blazer. It had a little roof damage which would only cost a couple a hundred to fix. I paid $700 cash to a co-worker. That money basically paid for me to put 53 miles on it. Lets do the math that is $13.21 per mile. What could possibly have happened? Simple co-worker was a lying bitch who sold an undisclosed head gasket problem.
Some say she is kind of mentally ill, but considering her response to my demand for my money back, she is just a con. My only recourse is to take her to court to get my money back. I have a few things in my arsenal to help my case, but a part of me just wants her to do the right thing. Damn if it was such an innocent mistake then own it and do what you can to make it up. Her actions seem to say that it was a deliberate act of fraud.
So, I have given her two days and then I will file a small claims thing. $700 is alot of money when you had to save to get it and go without, just to have a car that does not work.
Let me break it down this way:
Friday bought the car. It had 500 miles over what she disclosed. She had been driving it, "for my benefit."
Saturday: Car will not start, but finally starts hours later. Her excuse is it needs "Heet" to start in the winter.
Sunday: Car will not start
Monday: Did not bother
Tuesday through Thursday: Car started, and seemed fine.
Friday: Stalls twice at stop lights, engine light comes on.
Saturday: Stalls, hard start, engine light reappears. Take to mechanic for basic maintance. $30 later he says it is a blown head gasket. Will cost $1000 to fix.
Sunday-Tuesday: Car will not start at all

So am I being a bitch for suing someone who lied about the problems with the car? I don't think so. She got her money and I got the most expensive lesson. Since her mother did not teach her to do right, maybe the court will.

Learn from this lesson.
1. Do your homework
2. Buy with a warranty
3. Try to be reasonable
4. Sue their ass.
Indifference, to me, is the epitome of evil. Elie Wiesel
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