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I am all for giving people a chance, but should trainers give special treatment to people who can't cut it on their own? I am a temp for a fortune 500 company and in the last week of training there seemed to be a lot of sliding by people who could not pass the daily quizzes, final exam, and the export exam. I, among the majority, who could pass on our own were equalled to people who could not pass the exams. Is that fair? Or, the better question, is it right?

We have become a society of cheaters, short cutters, and the like. The training is the equalizer for the intelligent and the not so, but if the basis of employment requires passage of exams by certain scores, those who fail to accomplish it, should not be given "points" just to push them over the line. You might think that is harsh, but the reality is with the midterm, that favor was not there and people did lose their job. You cannot have two sets of rules in the same game.

Maybe they think the person will weed theirself out later. Well, why waste their time when you think they will ultimately fail? Is that fair to them? No. It is accommodating them temporarily, but how will they feel when they find they are not really equipped for the job? What happens if they begin to expect more "favors" whenever they fail to live up to the performance demands?

I went on with company as a temp so I could see how they work before putting my life into it. That turns out to have been a great idea because from what I have seen, it is not something I am willing to give 60 hours per week to.

Indifference, to me, is the epitome of evil. Elie Wiesel
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