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Karr DNA Does Not Match: D.A Got Played

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Since the impending arrest of Karr was leaked to the Media hours before it took place, I have thought it was too easy. Why, after 10 years would someone just up and confess to one of the worst murders in Colorado history. What made me wonder was his loose lips. Now, after a news conferense, transportation for Thailand, Extradition from CA, and lots of details into the stange mind of John Mark Karr, the D.A. comes up with NOTHING!

Who is to blame for this major fiasco? The leaker. If they had kept their mouth shut, then Mary Lacy could have got her ducks in a row instead instead of looking like she got played. I mean, who has been dictating this show? The leaker and John Mark Karr. He started yapping and Lacy went running to him. He got his name plastered everywhere, and his face was on nearly 24 hours a day on cable news.
We learned he wanted a sex change, married children, was abused, and unable to keep a job for more than a couple of weeks. The only thing we do not know is how this man has become a world traveller with no money.

His family, even an ex-wife, said he was with them at Christmas. I mean the woman hates him and was forced to defend him because she knew he was not the man. So, why after all this, did Mary Lacy not walk away? She got caught up in the media storm and the will of Karr and the Media. They wanted a story and this man provided it. So, aside from Karr being just plain cruel, he is a liar, and has managed to reopen wounds for no other purpose than his own glory. He is almost evil incarnate. With some stupid and untrue statements, he has managed to reveal how little the Boulder D.A. and Police Dept have it together. I mean this man led them around by the nose.

This makes me mad, and Karr should receive some bills for the cost of transporting him and holding him. Further, if CA refuses to pick him up on the midemeaner charges then this man walks out a free man. Of course, he will never work with kids again in this country, but obviously it is pretty easy for him to go overseas.

Mary Lacy, whoever leaked the story should be fired or prosecuted. They caused you to take actions that a reasonable person would not have taken. You got played and now look just as bad as the office did ten years ago. I hope you have a good PR firm because you are going to look bad. Karr and the leaker played you like a fiddle, now what are you going to do about it?

Indifference, to me, is the epitome of evil. Elie Wiesel
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