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17 Days in Hollywood

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Well, class is over for the day. It was Cinema 2, and we received the information on our second project. It has to be a chase scene or movie. We have to have story boards and all. I am looking forward to it.

The funny thing is that project one is not due for two weeks, but we had too many people need a camera today, so I have to wait until next week. It is only camera shots, and I do not know why anyone needs a week of it, but alas, it is Hollywood. It is not even edited, just raw shots.

Only did two days of audience work this week, but it was good. I got suckered into that Greg Bernhart show again, and it still sucks. In fact, on one show he was supposedly talking about "Blowing It' and had the nerve to say the paid people in his audience were blowing it. Well, if he had fans, then he would not need us. As of yet, there have only been maybe 5 unpaid audience members.

I am still not convinced that the people are real, but that may be good, since his advice sucks. Anything that is against God and morals, he seems to be for.

I told you the other day how I did the Comics Unleased with Bryon Allen. At least it is on after midnight, so if it lasts that will just because no one is watching it. The first two shows we shot were awful, but the last three got better. I still am puzzled as to why he is the host. I have never thought of him as a comedian, but an interviewer. He did not even do that well. He always did softball questions, and did anyone really watch the show?

Oh, I went to Megan Mallolly's show, you know Karen from Will and Grace. I think she has a little chance of making it, but she has to come to terms with the fact that she is not Oprah. Her show seems to have no point, but to interview yet even more actors. Do they really need more places to interview. Greg was not thrilled that she was beating him in the ratings, but maybe he should be who he is instead of trying to be God knows who. He has not found his stride yet.

It has been an interesting week. As you know Saturdays are my long class days. It is like the full torture day, but at least I know it is done when it over.

Oh, I have found a church to attend. I will be going on Sunday. It is Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena. It is part of the Apostolic reformation movement, and actually practices what it believes. As a charismatic, I have become perplexed by churches that say they are, but all the evidence is to the contrary. They have flavorful teaching, but no gifts in operation, or if they are, it is rare. I don't understand that.

I made the choice to go to a Church that believes in all the offices of Eph. 4:11-12, and the gifts in I Corin. That search is tougher to come by these days, but apparently worth the wait.

Well, I am off, write me. Give me some joyous words for my new life in Hollywood.

Indifference, to me, is the epitome of evil. Elie Wiesel
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