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Hi Guys,
The day has been good. I had a 8:30 am Call time for Judge Joe Brown this morning. It was good. I am coming to the idea that some people are not just nuts, but seriously living in their own world.
I was shocked by the level of disrespect that some people gave the judge. I mean they would make comments, argue, etc, and were just plain disrespectful. They tended to be younger and had no shame or fear in doing it. Both times they were held in contempt of court, but get real, some parents should be ashamed of what they have let loose on society.
Yes, this time I am blaming parents since they were barely old enough to be away from home. No, one was 30, so parents not the issue. He was just a little hustler who wanted to be taken care of. But still, the way he spoke was more like a fool wanting to go to jail. Oh that would have been sweet.
Tomorrow, I go to Glen Beckhart again, you know the one that wrote, "He is not that into you." I did his show yesterday, and his advise is totally of the world and against God since he advocates people living together without marriage. Of course, lets add to the divorce rate, bastard children, etc.
School is good, I will be going on Friday since I have to miss tomorrow. Then Saturday is my full day.

Wisdom for Today
Home training sets the foundation for how you will get along in society. If your parents had no manners, then live above your training. There is no excuse for disrespecting people in authority.

Til next time Have a great day.

Indifference, to me, is the epitome of evil. Elie Wiesel
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