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John Mark Karr is a Free Man (Again)

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Who should John Mark Karr thank first for this change of events that has made him a free man? Two months ago he was a suspect in the Jonbenet Ramsey Case then a fugitive from California on misdemeanor child porn pictures from 2001.

We watched him be pulled and prodded in front of the media in Thailand, wined and dined in Business Class on behalf of Boulder, and shackeled in Court in CA for now what appears to be nothing. Could it be the rush of judgment of the Boulder prosecutors or the shot gun prosecution that California was almost forced to take?

Karr is now a free man because of several things. One, the evidence is gone, not his fault but the people in the police department should be wondering who is going to be the scapegoat. CA prosecutors had to drop the case because they lost the computer that was the main evidence. Two, the second wife, the one who hates him, says the computer was not even working when they (police) took it. This woman sure is honest. She has had two opportunities to crucify this man she hates, yet seems to step up to save him.

Criminal experts are now going to be walking around wiping the collective egg off their faces as they said, "He would never walk free again." Well, I think they got that wrong.

I am no fan of Karr's, but the only thing this man seems to be guilty of is living on another planet. He seems obsessive and controlling, too fond of little girls, and just plain weird. With all that, there has been no evidence that he has ever touched a child sexually, and with all the news that has surrounded him, someone would have come up by now. CA admits that Karr would never have served anymore time had he been convicted of the misdemeanors, but they wanted him to have to register as a sex offender.

Karr would better serve himself by going back overseas since he has a clean slate. America could always pull his citizenship, but then again, he has done nothing but be a pawn in a stupid media game.

CA was put in the position of having to take Karr because of the media attention. Now they have egg on their face, because with two cities, a trip from Thailand, incarceration, etc, they should pray that he does not sue them for destroying his life. Maybe Nancy Grace can think of a crime that he committed that no one has thought of. I hear Jaywalking is always good.

Karr needs treatment, but not the kind that the two prosecutors have given. They have made him out almost as bad as Charles Manson, and the reality is that he is not even in that league. He is just a weird guy who needs to stay away from women and children. We should be firing the people who have cost their people thousands of dollars and reputations.

Indifference, to me, is the epitome of evil. Elie Wiesel
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