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Paul Cain Restoration Tied to Money and Illness


Paul Cain Restoration Has Issues

In February 2004, we were made aware that Paul had become an alcoholic. In April 2004, we confronted Paul with evidence that he had recently been involved in homosexual activity. Paul admitted to these sinful practices and was placed under discipline, agreeing to a process of restoration, which the three of us would oversee. However, Paul has resisted this process and has continued in his sin...

Paul Cain was found to be a practicing homosexual and alcoholic. When he was confronted, he lied (surprise). He was given ample time to repent, but refused until it was made public. His response was to say the leaders lied on him, and that they were out to take his ministry away (Put on Website, now removed). A week or so later, he fessed up to the alcoholism, but has yet to admit to the homosexuality after accusing the others of lying. On his Website, he would only admit to the alcoholism.

Now, a year after this “restoration” process has begun. He is completely restored. According to the following paragraphs of the “restoration” letter, it would seem that the deciding factor on his restoration is his income.

“He is 77 years old and has known only ministry as a source of income. During the restoration process, he has drained most of his assets and needs to be able to work. Though he has been able to pay for much of his care, individuals on the team have paid a large portion of the tab. While Paul Cain Ministries had some money in the bank account, Paul does not. He does not personally own the property in Kansas City.”

Those who would seek to block legitimate efforts for supervised self-employment need to realize that Paul is protected by law as well as by RTV Ministries to proceed with its agreed-upon process of restoration.

He is released to travel in ministry only in the full-time care of a traveling companion who is married, is more than 40 years old, is a licensed RTV minister or a part of the restoration team, and is responsible to update the team to Paul's progress and needs on a regular basis. (

Maybe I missed something, but wasn’t the problem that he was gay? So, who cares if the person he is now with is married or not. Basically, this man is being released back into ministry so he can make money. He is over 77 years old, and it must show that he did not know how to set aside money. He made the choice to go take treatment where his insurance would not cover, which seems idiotic of the team that took him. They basically forced him into financial issues.

The letter goes on to say that he has not property. Why?
The problem with the restoration of Paul Cain is that the people he was accountable to in the beginning and found the sin, he turned on. I do not care who gave him his license. You can get one of those online, so what? The issue is that he ran to people who could not possibly know all that he has done. Where were they when he was sinning? Further, is his age, lack of money and poor health the reason for this speedy restoration? Probably, it would seem that just like hospitals, when the money goes, so does your problem.

No church should allow this man to preach behind his pulpit. Ministry is not meant to be for money. It is to help people. There is plenty of “work at home” options for him to make money. Heck, sell an e-book.

Lastly, the tone of the “restoration letter” seems to be hostile against the people who confronted Paul and his running to some unknown agency. By their own admission, they were not even around twenty years ago, so where do they get the authority to down talk those who actually know Paul Cain.

David Andrade is the founder of Reclaiming the Valley’s International Ministry. They have no Website, say it is based in Pasadena, but gives a Chino Hill address. A 501 (c)(3) status is nothing but a IRS tax distinction, so it had little purpose for being included in the letter. It does not give credibility except where a tax write-off is needed. It would seem that Andrade needs to check his attitude about other ministers who know Paul Cain, and are concerned that he not go to people who do not know him in order to manipulate and lie.

Since Cain has cancer, and has battled one illness after another for the last year, one would wonder when they had time to bring him through restoration. I think they basically gave him some rules and let him go when they took all his money.

I want this man to be restored, but by people who have some credibility in the Body of Christ. It should be by the people that Cain thought so much of that he had them overseeing his ministry. The letter says Cain needed flexibility that they were unable to give. Could it be because he had lied so much before? Why let the guilty call the shots.

Andrade needs to apologize to the people he has verbally attacked in his “restoration” letter. It shows the spirit that is behind it, and it is not Christlike.

Indifference, to me, is the epitome of evil. Elie Wiesel
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Anonymous said...

When the church stops "celebrititizing" christians, maybe we will begin to really function as the Bible says. We make certain people "special" because of their function and create "positions" for them that no one can live up to. Thus, we cause them to hideand isolate themselves and they get lost. No one can live atop a pedestal made of man. It always comes crashing down around all of us. We must get the "religon" out of the church. It is killing us. We are losing our voice among the lost because we are lost. The kingdom of darkness prevails against the church so often because the church doesn't know she is suppose to be free of the "system". She abides by the " approval" of man rather than the desire of God. My suggestion? Get on our knees. Tear down the kingdoms we have erected for ourselves. Unmask every idol we've disguised. Let's call the blind(us) to see, and the lame(us) to walk, and to those still in graveclothes (us) come out from the dead! Rise up church and be healed. How? By looking at where we have fallen. Jesus never sought the approval of man nor set man up to lofty places. Rather, he humbled himself, gave up the kingdom of this world, and then inspired John to say " we must walk as he walked". By the voice of truth and the Spirit of God.

Laff4Health said...

Wow. This post and this comment really encouraged me.
I've been trying to write a book for 3 years. Well, it started out as a light hearted Christian book then took a 'turn' last year. lol
That's when I felt what I had been arguing with the LORD about not writing was exactly what I should and that is to cull the sacred cows from the Word.
I finally sent it in to WestBow Press in April but was told I had too many scriptures according to copyright laws. I'm going to be 60 years old this month so I guess I can learn new things. ha
Something negative was spoken into my life and I've been struggling to get out of it so I could tweak the book. I thought I was just going on a side trail but found this post.
I didn't want my book to sound negative but I do feel like the church has missed some things and our witness to the lost has suffered.
Thank you for the encouragement.