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I did My Teleclass Today

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Being spurred on by my Twitter friends I have embarked on a path that has me teaching by phone and online, updating Websites, making products and all that kind of stuff. You know what? It can be exhausting if I let myself try to keep up with them, so I made a decision to slow my roll. I am still doing work for hours on in, but at least it is balanced. Some of them seem to work almost 7 days a week.

I believe if you work hard, then you get to play hard and some of them don't seem to play very much. Some are at seminars ALL the time. Well, it is one thing if you are a speaker, but really a weekly seminar in a different state. That begs me to ask a question; if they are at seminars all the time, when do they work (speakers excepted). Will do they live their dreams instead of listening to others share theirs?

This was my first year going to seminars, and I loved them, but I also know that the key word from the four I have been to is action. It is a running joke about seeing people on the circuit because some go to ALL the seminars that come to town. Heck, if I did that, it would be a full-time job. Don't get me wrong, I have learned a lot from the seminars I attended, and the biggest thing was to go out and make my dreams a reality.

This has nothing to do with the teleclass. It was just a roundup for entrepreneurs, and I talked most of it. The only bad part was that someone had me on a speaker phone, so I was echoing. It was a good experience, and I look forward to next month.

Oh, and I finally produced my first product. You can find it here.

Well, that is it for the day. Have a great one.

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