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John Edwards, Todd Bentley, and Obama Losing

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It would seem that in the course of 2 weeks the chinks on some of America's favorites have started to break or have downright been obliterated. Case in point: John Edwards...Need we say more about the lying, cheating love lips.

Todd Bentley...Well, the same old crowd fell for the same crap. People who swear up and down that they are not "following" a person, but who are thrown into chaos when their guy goes down for the count. I don't gloat in the fact that I knew something was wrong with this man. If anything, I thank God that I allow the Holy Spirit to keep me from harm. He protects me, not because I am his favorite, but because I try to honor him, and make Him Lord. Sometimes I fail, but I quickly get back up, because I know that He is faithful to forgive those who ask Him.

That is the part that people leave off. They all say that God is faithful to forgive, but they leave off that the person has to repent. How can the people forgive Todd Bentley when He has not even asked for it. When he lied to his own Board Members who then sent out his lie to us. Todd Bentley has made everyone out to look bad on his account. It is not just about an affair or some alcohol, but character.

Character is who you are when no one is around. He could put on a show, but it seems that He thought He was so spiritual that He could do whatever he liked. You see, a mark of Satan is that of being a liar. Jesus called him the father of lies.

This may be a case where the gifting went well beyond the character, and I am so sorry for the damage that he caused those who commissioned him, and those on his board. You see, Todd Bentley won't repent, because he still won't acknowledge that "emotional adultery" is still adultery.

The one thing that I hope doesn't happen is that he leave Christ all together, but as anointed as he was, he would be twice the son of hell, and it would be yet another aborted work.

And finally, John McCain has flipped the script and started kicking Obama's behind. Yeah boy, I love the Mack Attack.

What do John Edwards, Barack Obama, and Todd Bentley have in common? They all thought they were unbreakable and above everyone else.

Indifference, to me, is the epitome of evil. Elie Wiesel
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