Del Williams


Letter of Resignation From Church Due to Todd Bentley


Dear Pastor Ahn,

It is with a heavy heart that I resign my membership at Harvest Rock. I enjoy you and respect you, but I have some issues with the handling of Todd Bentley. Issues that show a propensity of the charismatic community to put men of questionable character in the lime light, and then take lightly the people that see the issues.

Todd Bentley's marriage coming to an end is not even the problem, but all the other things that you, Peter Wagnor, John Arnott, and other leaders overlooked before commissioning him.

1. His consistent issues that have taken him off the road in times past.
2. Blatant doctrinal issues that border on heresy.

So, if the leaders are to protect our souls, how can they do that if they are themselves are deceived by wolves in sheeps clothing? Where's the deception? A. Either the commissioning group knew his issues and deceived the people, or B. You didn't know and were deceived yourself. Either way, since you all claim to have a prophetic voice, why is it that God seems to never clue you guys into what is going on when it counts. It is easy to make claims of the prophetic when it is in the sweet by and by, but this was crunch time, and you guys failed.

Was it because you guys were too quick to rush after a "sign?" or are you so desperate for a "move" of God that you will accept an immitation? I don't feel sorry for the leadership over this, but the people who were told by the owners of God TV that “any criticism of Todd Bentley is demonic”?

I have been a Christian for 25 years, and I have watched so called "moves" come and go. I have seen the shooting star preachers come and go. And I have seen the damage that far too many of them leave behind. A genuine move of God changes lives, not for a moment, but forever. God being in it usually will show itself, like in Toronto. But when it is a genuine thing that moves from God to man with deception as its foundation, then what? We have not seen the fallout of this yet, and I am sad that you allowed yourself to get pulled in and take the Church with you.

My resignation is because I cannot trust your judgment, because you seem to be looking for something instead of being where you are. Why not teach people the basics of the Word, so they won't go chasing every wind of doctrine or some "move of God" because then they won't be living for a season to come, but content in the season they are in.

If you were deceived by Todd Bentley, then I am sorry, but in this day and age, you have to be able to discern. Funny, that the "old guard" got it right and they took hits for not jumping on the bandwagon.

I do wish you success and healing at Harvest Rock.

Delores Williams

Indifference, to me, is the epitome of evil. Elie Wiesel
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Anonymous said...

Good for you. You did the right thing. May God bless you richly.

Anonymous said...

This is so refreshing to see. Praise the Lord for your boldness and love for the truth. May many more follow your example, regardless of the cost to their standing and reputation.

Anonymous said...

Here here

Watchman on the Wall said...

Thank you for standing for Truth, and standing for the much criticized "critics", and standing for the sheep whose fragile faith got shredded. I hope more witnesses like yourself will speak up boldly. God bless you.

Vicki said...

I admire your courage to stand firm for God's truth. I pray that He will use your bold statement to open the eyes of those who are being deceived. The Church must return to the firm foundation of God's unchanging Word.

peacebringer7 said...

May God bless you for your stand and choice and may he lead you to a new worship home that will bless you beyond number. Your choice is that of faithfulness.


Anonymous said...

I read this letter and what you are doing totally goes against what you are saying. You are trying to be polite in your letter but by making this letter public is just causing more damage and bringing more division to the body of Christ. I think you want your decision to be heard. This is a very innapropiate way to do this. If you wanted to leave Dr. Che Ahn's flock you should have personally and privately given him the letter. Obviously, humans are imperfect. Even prophets and inperfect. You have an issue with people pleasing and approval. You should only allow the Holy Spirit to bring approval to your life. What man thinks isn't that important. Read Galatians 1:10. I am a youth pastor. So take this from a pastor's point. Hopefully you will remove this letter because it speaks volumes about your character and really goes against the Word of God because you are bringing division by posting this letter. Even if he was in the wrong, you really should learn about speaking spiritual authority and also about confronting effectively. Take this letter down because it is delaying the Body of Christ from healing.

-Pastor Rene

Anonymous said...

Your letter makes comment to Todd taking time off before. Great men of
God have been depleted of strength and
overwhelmed and needed time off to recoup. John G. Lake suffered 3 nervous breakdowns in the course of his ministry. I don't really see that your letter helps in building the body. The bible says the apostles did many signs and wonders.
I am alright with God doing what ever He wants. I am not going to sit on the sidelines and complain. I am not about to try to keep God in my small box. Are you?

Delores Williams said...

Dear Pastor Rene and the anonymous poster afterward.
Anonymous first, It was not for refreshing that Todd left before, but because he had had an affair 2 years ago. This came from Bill Johnson who was called to assist him.

Pastor Rene,
We see things differently. The leaders who commissioned Todd for all the world on God TV have said little publically in the form of apology. 2nd, I don't care about Todd having an affair, he is not my husband, but I do take issue that one too many times "leaders" have put talent before character, as is the case here. As for people pleasing and approval, I don't know where that is coming from, and it is not true. What I want is for people to be held accountable for lying to the Body of Christ. You say that I am wrong, but then you have judged me without knowing a thing about me. I did send the Pastor the letter to which I have never heard from him or anyone in the church. I am not blaming Che for Todd's sin, but his judgment and the problems that led to it.

Delores Williams said...

And, I have not hidden my views or my name, unless most who would. If I were ashamed of my decision or even thought for a moment that I was being too harsh then I would take the letter down, but I have just said what the gutless won't.

Anonymous said...

Dear Delores,

I have mixed feelings about your post. I am a pastor and would hate for someone in my congregation to do this to me, but then again I would hope that given the same circumstances I would apologize publicly and talk to anybody,such as yourself, personally who had concerns about my leadership in the wake of such a disaster. On the other hand I feel your letter is needed for the larger body of Christ to read. Not because I am trying to rub anybodys nose in their mess but because there doesnt seem to be any apology from all the main players such as Bill Johnson, Godtv, Che Ahn as well as others. They keep making the issue about covering Todd but there are bigger issues at playt here that only a few brave souls like yourself are talking about. I watched Bill Johnsons littel 30 minute message about Lakeland and was sick because he didnt once apologize, but used his communication gift to smooth out the situation with his church. All the while the larger body of Christ had been hurt, many probably turned off to Charismatic gifts, and not to mention the word. I thought your letter was well written and addresses the real problem with Lakeland. I hope these leaders will do the right thing.

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

Hello Delores,

I am a former member myself of HRC and count it all God's grace that I am no longer attending. Over the years, I have watched as the sermons became less and less scriptural and the conferences continually hyperemotional, seeking after the supernatural. At first, it amused me that there was never a conference on 3 Days of God's Word. It was always "Three Days of Supernatural" or "Five Nights of Prophetic Healing." The theme of every movement was revival for the sake of physical manifestations. But by a certain point, I couldn't attend a conference without being moved to tears as I watched the hungry, broken people lining up for healing and salvation from a fallible, human source; they were being satisfied with an experience of one evening and missing out on a true relationship with Jesus Christ. It grieved me.

While I understand the empathy other pastors feel for Che Ahn and their reasoning behind expressing you to do this in private, I affirm your decision to make this letter public. It is done for the same reason that I make my comment public: maybe even by reading my comment someone else might find that his or her "gut check" about HRC services leads them to a healthier congrgation with truly Biblical teaching.

I thank God every Sunday that I am no longer attending HRC.

Anonymous said...

Dear Delores,

I'm sure that posting your letter was not an easy decision for you. Trying to balance the right approach towards authority figures, with the need to address issues that affect many of your other brothers and sisters in your own church, as well the Body of Christ, can be difficult at best. This is not a private matter, rather, it was done publicly in front of possibly millions of viewers on GodTV, where people(both Christian and non-Christian) could see. If this was a matter limited to your local church, only affecting your relationship with your leaders, then your posting would be most inappropriate. As I understand, however, your letter was first sent to your pastor without any response. In any case, because of the public nature of the events on Junes 23rd, it is justifiable to address them publicly as a member of a congregation represented by one of the "commissioning" leaders. I applaud, both your courage and keen perception of the true issues involved here. Thank you for sharing your insights with the rest of us who are also wrestling with these issues.


Pastor John

Is Christ Soon To Return said...

Anonymous wrote:
"But by a certain point, I couldn't attend a conference without being moved to tears as I watched the hungry, broken people lining up for healing and salvation from a fallible, human source; they were being satisfied with an experience of one evening and missing out on a true relationship with Jesus Christ. It grieved me."

This is also an issue I have with this "IHOP / Bethel / Harvest Rock / TACF" group. To watch 100's of people run to the front, for a touch from a man in the hopes of freedom or impartation for themselves HAS made me cry!

The Doctrine of these teachers are blatantly not Scriptural (ie: Vibrating is not found in the Bible), yet people are so "hungry" and broken, they will take anything that professes to have power. SAD!!!