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Pattern of Lies in Todd Bentley Case

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Todd Bentley seems to be the ultimate deceiver, according to various reports. The problem is that it is not just a case of lying, but deception and fraud at the highest levels.

1st. When it was found out that Todd Bentley had molested an 8 year old boy, he waited until the day before he was to preach in the town to tell the pastor. The pastor chose to let him preach. Why? Because a good "Christian" always has a testimony and apparently they were going for the worst.

2nd. When Todd was in Africa 3 years ago, supposedly he had a heart issue (physical) and needed to take time off the road to deal with that and other issues. Turns out that Bill Johnson (one of the ordainers in June), was called in to counsel Todd. He "thought" that the issues were dealt with. He says, “They had problems a couple of years ago, and I got involved at that time to lend support and
give counsel to Todd and his staff. In talking with Todd I was led to believe those issues were now in order. Obviously they weren't.”

But it would seem that the "ordainers" did know there were issues BEFORE, but chose to ordain him anyway.

3. Todd Bentley originally lied to his board and overseers about another woman being involved. They believed him and issued a statement that denied it, but then had to turn around and issue an "apology" a couple of days later.

The thing that should be noted is that Todd Bentley had disappeared, and it would seem that none of the men who were so quick to ordain Todd have met with him. Further, many of his buddies are also silent like Jill Austin, Patrick Cocking(King) to name a few. However, the criticits of Todd Bentley have been criticized, told not to judge, called of the devil, and more. Jesus said, "by their fruit you will know them." Let's look at the fruit of the Lakeland Outpouring:

1. Split in charismatic community
2. Deception (by Todd and his overseers)
3. Preaching of heresy
4. "Emotional" adultery (Sorry, but only a guy would call it that. If you ask any woman, cheating is cheating.)
5. Cover-ups by leadership
6. False prophecies

On the side of Bentley supporters are the unsubstaniated reports of healings and dead raising.

Hmmm, so, who was at the bottom of this so called move? You decide. Is Jesus Christ a liar and willing to put signs and wonders over The Word of God?

Indifference, to me, is the epitome of evil. Elie Wiesel
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