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Some Church "Leaders: Want Me to Be Silent

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I never meant to cause a problem, and truth be told prior to my posting my letter of resignation from my church due to Todd Bentley, people rarely read this blog. But in the course of the last 9 days over 800 people have read my pages on Todd Bentley.

I received a comment for a "youth pastor" who said I was causing division by having the letter up there. Hmm, but Todd Bentley wasn't causing it when he was preaching that his angel Emma told him to preach about angels not Jesus. Nope, the leaders were silent.

The commenter said I was a people pleaser which I don't know where that came from. Maybe he thinks it is gossip. Hmmm, gossip is the untrue, not the true. I do hope that Todd Bentley repents, but from the reports that those who used to be over him are saying he is not repentent.

As I told the commenter, I did not hide who I was because I stand behind my decision. Now, if I wrote this letter and had never been to the church or falsely accused them of something, then that would be different.

As for dividing the Body, I only have to ask, in what way? It is that old school thinking of sweep everything under the rug. That is why the Body of Christ is in the mess it is in, because so called "leaders" have been covering up for each other and their sin, then it finally comes out and those same "leaders" try to distance themselves. They also never repented in public for public deeds. Nope, it is takes too much ego and pride to admit that you made a mistake and admit that you got taken in by deceiver.

I would have much more respect for these men if they came out with an apology and not a bunch of piece mail with each giving their view of how much they knew or if they knew anything. The funny thing is that these same people were harsh against those who they called "enemies" of Todd, who turned out to be right.

Let me recap: Self proclaimed leaders who cannot discern the Truth from a Lie don't get to tell other people anything. The Bible says to handle The Word of God accurately, but the "leaders" let Todd Bentley preach heresy because they wanted the "signs & wonders." The question is who was the author of those things? Remember when Moses went before the Pharoah and showed him different things, well the magicians could do the same. Not on the same scale, but if the real is not there or has departed I dare say that few would have noticed.

It is sad that the Body of Christ has to heal yet again, but this one is more hurtful because of what the "leaders" and the owners of God TV said of people who criticized Todd Bentley, his heresy, and his falling. They called them of the devil and enemies. I call them deceived for the sake of a sign.

Indifference, to me, is the epitome of evil. Elie Wiesel
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