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Todd Bentley Supporters Tell Others to Shut Up

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I am amazed that Todd Bentley supporters have gone the way of telling critics to just shut up. They say they have "never" heard so many people talk so badly about a person. I would beg to differ. So, here is my view of the supporters of Todd Bentley and his crew.

1. They put "talent" ahead of character. This is a convicted sexual offender, who has admitted to at least 2 "emotional" affairs in the last 3 years. Further, John Arnott also admits that there was "excessive" drinking.

2. They called critics "of the Devil" before this came out on International TV. Rather, the owners of God TV.

3. They have failed in their duty as leaders to protect the sheep for that sake of a feeling.

4. The leaders who commissioned him on God TV have not apologized, though his board has.

5. They did not deal with the teaching that was flaky in the least, but chastised people for not biting hook, line, and sinker.

6. The organization is still promoting Todd Bentley and his teachings. In fact, they want to continue the meetings around the world.

7. The leaders have not learned from the failures of Ted Haggard, Roberts Liardon, and others. Nope, they keep trying to pass the blame to anyone that differs.


How dare you claim to be of God when all that you have handed the Body of Christ is yet another deceiver with a personality. You have compromised the Word of God, one time too many to be trusted with it. It is an insult to criticize the people for showing the discernment that you lacked. Maybe that is the problem. You are like Sampson's in that you can't tell when God is gone from you and that your power has left. The "miracles, signs & wonders" were your Delilah. She found what was in your heart and give it to the enemy to use against you.

Does Todd Bentley need to be restored? No, he needs to get saved and sit under someone and be taught the Word of God. He needs to be taught balance, and the ways of God. Something that has been seriously missing from his life. It would also seems he needs his own healing, but you guys are too busy being mesmorized that all you want is for him to perform another trick.

Enough already. The Body of Christ needs to heal from yet another of your failures to "see." We don't want a show, but we want Jesus. You see, Jesus is good enough for us even if He never does another thing. His love is convincing enough of who He is. We are not doubting Thomas' that need to stick our fingures in his wounds. No, the Cross and the Resurrection was our proof of God's love. I hope one day that Jesus will be good enough for you without a show. Maybe one day His word will be enough.

Until then keep your deceivers to yourself. The real Body of Christ does not need someone else to recover from.

Indifference, to me, is the epitome of evil. Elie Wiesel
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