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What is the Responisibility of the Church Goer

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I am always amazed at how quickly people blindly follow people. In 25 years of having walked with the Lord, the one thing that has become more prevalent is that people don't want the responsibility of a walk with God, but what they consider to be the perks. In that search for the perks, many have compromised to a point that I don't believe they would know the truth if it slapped them in the face.

There have been so many compromises and mixture that it is becoming difficult to tell what the truth is. But then, I realize if the Bible is your guide then you have fewer worries. The problem is that for too many the Bible is not enough. Nope, they want to add this and that to it, modernize it, if you will.

Some are always looking for a "revelation" but somehow can't see what is in front of them. I am fortunate in that I have always had great pastors who knew balance. They did not run off at every rumor of a "move," but they watched and prayed. I watched pastors like Billy Joe Daugherty be ridiculed by those who can only be defined as flaky at best. You see, all the shooting stars come in, cause a division, and then they are gone by scandal, death, or exposure for fraud, but the ones who have been balanced they are still here. They are preaching Jesus, the foundation of it all. They know that it is ALL about Jesus, not a man who can shout, perform miracles, collect money, but Jesus. Because here is a revelation for those seeking one, if You don't have Jesus the rest is worthless.

So, my heart is for Church goers to take back the responsibility for their soul. Be careful who you are letting preach to you. As we have seen in the last couple of months, deception is becoming harder to detect, so much so that some "leaders" have entertained demonic spirits meant to destroy the name of Christ. But God will not be mocked. He caused the truth to be revealed, and now the choice is up to those who heard all the bad theology. Is the Word of God going to be your foundation or signs& wonders?

Here is the one truth that you can take with you. God will not contradict His word. He tells you in Galations 1 that if even an angel comes preaching a gospel different from what Jesus taught then he is not from God. Sadly, I think Todd Bentley was so wrapped up in having a supernatural experience that he left himself open to the devil. This devil was like an angel of light, but the truth was far from it. This Emma that Todd taught told him not to preach Jesus but angels. That is new age, not Christianity.

I hold the people and those who were supposed to be over him responsible for letting him get away with heresy. You don't keep putting yourself under the devil and hope he changes. So, if there is any confusion, division, or whatever, it only takes a moment to know the true author of it.

You can only stay away from deception by being in the Word and prayer. You have to submit your life to a church that is balanced. And finally, you have to speak up when there is a genuine problem. The wait and see attitude has not worked, but helped destroy good people.

Indifference, to me, is the epitome of evil. Elie Wiesel
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Anonymous said...

I read your blog for the first time when the Todd Bentley stuff went on; and read your resignation to Pastor Che.

I feel similar to you in the lack of discernment and relationship that has gone on, and this sadly teachable moment has caused me to guard my heart a little closer. I believe Che is a good man with a good heart, sometimes too good of a heart and he is too trusting.

When I heard about this with my wife I think we talked about the Todd Bentley thing for about 20 minutes and were over it, whereas the rest of the body of Christ is going crazy about it... I don't understand why people are so shaken by it. A saint turned out to be a sinner? No!? You don't say?! I'm shocked that sinning is going on down on this earth!

Pastor Che Ahn showing poor discernment? I have to believe that most members of HRC are aware the he does not have a good discerning track record: a) he went through worse with the Hollywood Church Pastor, who Che ordained, b) there was another leader of young people in the church (gentleman from Seattle) who ended up leaving under rumors, c) Paul Cain. At the same time I understand his heart for revival which is why I'm able and willing to stay in his church. If I thought that he was of bad character, than I would think about leaving the church; but I think Che has good enough character for me (no one is perfect, sometimes he comes off as arrogant).

I completely respect and understand your decision to leave. Especially since Che invested so much emotionally in Lakeland and Mr. Bentley, my wife and I definitely felt a check, especially with the specific praise for Todd. It really should be something that sometimes goes a bit too much; and you feel like "if I can't go to Lakeland, does that mean I can't get the blessings of God"... which it shouldn't be at all...

I hope you're able to make it into a church...