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Interesting Times We Live In

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I am thrilled to be living at this time in history. It is an interesting journey. Things that we never conceived of before, we can now do at a click of a mouse. Want to see what Barney is doing at the White House, just click a button. Sad, they don't have the live cam anymore. But if you want to see what Shamu is doing at the Zoo, watch to your hearts content.

It is a world where we can be completely engaged or completely out of it with a computer, depending on our mindset.

But, it is also a world where deception, extremism, and hatred can be spread by the same click of mouse used to find the latest recipe. Regardless I would have it no other way. In the couse of time that I have been on the Internet, I have met people from around the world, read their stories, read the hate mail to articles I have written, and learned new things.

I guess if you use the Web in a way that reflects who you are and/or want to become,then all is well. If's funny how you end up with people online that are like your friends offline. I guess it is true, like attracts like.

Indifference, to me, is the epitome of evil. Elie Wiesel
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