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Is this Wisdom or Fear of the Unknown?

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I have received many comments concerning leaving Harvest Rock Church because of the Todd Bentley fiasco. Most were support, some were not. I was mindful of a book called Bait of Satan where John Bevere speaks of how offense is one of the enemies best tools. Some have fallen into that trap, but I have not because it was not that big of a deal to be honest. I realized that if I am doing the right thing, there is nothing to worry about. Many factors go into it such as how strong a person is in the Lord and personally, what kind of teaching they have received, and what their relationship is with the leadership.

But it helps to know that I wasn't missing it in regard to the lack of discernment by Che Ahn. He may be a good man, but I still think a leader has to discern evil and protect the sheep. Here is a comment I received.

I read your blog for the first time when the Todd Bentley stuff went on; and read your resignation to Pastor Che.

I feel similar to you in the lack of discernment and relationship that has gone on, and this sadly teachable moment has caused me to guard my heart a little closer. I believe Che is a good man with a good heart, sometimes too good of a heart and he is too trusting.

When I heard about this with my wife I think we talked about the Todd Bentley thing for about 20 minutes and were over it, whereas the rest of the body of Christ is going crazy about it... I don't understand why people are so shaken by it. A saint turned out to be a sinner? No!? You don't say?! I'm shocked that sinning is going on down on this earth!

Pastor Che Ahn showing poor discernment? I have to believe that most members of HRC are aware the he does not have a good discerning track record: a) he went through worse with the Hollywood Church Pastor, who Che ordained, b) there was another leader of young people in the church (gentleman from Seattle) who ended up leaving under rumors, c) Paul Cain. At the same time I understand his heart for revival which is why I'm able and willing to stay in his church. If I thought that he was of bad character, than I would think about leaving the church; but I think Che has good enough character for me (no one is perfect, sometimes he comes off as arrogant).

I completely respect and understand your decision to leave. Especially since Che invested so much emotionally in Lakeland and Mr. Bentley, my wife and I definitely felt a check, especially with the specific praise for Todd. It really should be something that sometimes goes a bit too much; and you feel like "if I can't go to Lakeland, does that mean I can't get the blessings of God"... which it shouldn't be at all...

I hope you're able to make it into a church...

Indifference, to me, is the epitome of evil. Elie Wiesel
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