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Todd Bentley Revealed Who He Was But Leaders Dismissed it

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I have been pondering the meaning of life. Well, not deeply, but I do know that all we have is our reputation. In Hollywood, where I live that is especially true. If you are known as a hard worker you will be hired again, but if not then your lot in life becomes student films.

Why was I thinking on that. Well, if you are the generally soft spoken nice guy, that is what people know about you. People swear that they are other people and wearing masks, but I have to wonder if that is possible to do all the time. I guess if you don't see someone often or for long periods of time, but otherwise I don't think that is possible.

Like the abused woman who says she didn't know her boyfriend or husband was abusive, but the more you talk to her you realize there were tons of signs. Signs that she let emotion make excuses for. "Oh he was just stressed." or "He didn't mean it." Yep, always a sign, but being human we want to believe the best of others. A strategy that has proved fatal for some.

Maya Angelou says, "When people show you who they are believe them." I believe that. In the last month with leaving my Church due to the Todd Bentley episode that my former got the church into, that is what resonated with me. Todd Bentley had showed who he was often and people kept discounting it or labeling the seers as evil.

He showed us he was not grounded in the Word of God when he preached heresy. He showed us he was rebellion by his constant piercings and tatoos. And he showed us his problem with lust when he kept going after other women. He also showed who he was by his lying and covering up things from those who were supposed to keep him accountable such as his board and the four that "commissioned" him without any reservation.

This also reminded me that God will show you things, and you have a choice to either believe him or go with the flow. The Holy Spirit is meant to guide us not men. Men make mistakes, but God does not. How many people had a check in their spirit, but ignored it because they trusted the leaders to protect them. At no place in the Bible does God ever instruct individuals to deliver their souls to a man for keeping.

That does not mean that you don't go to church, but it means that you eat the hay and throw out the sticks. God never contradicts himself and he is not bipolar. What he says he means.

The lesson for me is to listen more closely to God and not to dismiss those promptings just because everyone else is saying the kool aid is good.

Indifference, to me, is the epitome of evil. Elie Wiesel
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Anonymous said...

Hopefully all of this will help people put their eyes back on the Lord and keep Him as the focus, the way it always should be