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The human being is a complex creature. Ok, I will narrow that down from the 6 billion to this one, me. I always thought I was a simple "get what you see" type person, but I have been wondering if I am seeing the real me. Does that make sense. I mean the stuff I do is good, but that is not the issue. It is the stuff on the inside that I wonder about.

One of those things that I really came to understand this past weekend was that I was in conflict about too many things. I wouldn't settle on a side. I know that the world is not black or white, but there is a side that fights for that, while another side applaudes the differences. In regard to sex, my religious teaching tells me that it is only for marriage, but the other side of me says, I think they left out a few facts.

When I left Harvest Rock because of the Todd Bently junk, part of me wanted to take it and just cast it off as yet another one bites the dust. But I could not get past the lies, deception, and the erroneous teaching that went unchecked by a board full of "Apostles and Prophets."

So, what does that have to do with what I am writing about. It is simple, if we love God and his people, then we won't do things to harm them. But I think one of the things that the Church has failed to come to terms with is that people are having sex, and they are either killing an innocent child to hide it, or they come out to be "chastised." But does the Church have the right to do that anymore. A system that has failed over and over to keep those at the head in check sexually. I am not saying people should go out and cheat, but I am saying that the Church is filled with people having sex outside of marriage, and because of the religious doctrine, some will never feel or experience the love of God. They seem to be under the impression that they will not be okay spiritually if they have sex. Sex that God created.

As I said the other day, I am not saying people should go jump in the bed with anyone, but that the love of God has got to cover ALL, and not just what we want it to. I was going to say forgive, but if two people have sex, how is that effecting you, unless it is adultery? We need to keep out of people's bedrooms, and just let people live.

The Church would do a better service of teaching people how to be safe instead of pretending like they are never going to have sex outside of marriage. By continuing in the way that it is now, the Church stands a chance of having a bunch of people with STDs, AIDS, Unwanted Pregnancies, and Abortions.

Paul says that the very thing you judge someone for, you do it all the more. Maybe you haven't jumped in the bed with someone, but have you looked on them lust and desire?

Back to my conflict, I think the time has come for me to decide what is really working in my life, and what is a tradition that just needs to be gone. I mean, am I living by my values or those of someone else?

Whatever you are, be a good one. - Abraham Lincoln
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