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Sex With Friends:How Far is Too Far?

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Oprah and Gayle have long been accused of being closet homosexuals. I don't think they are, but it is something that people can't imagine two people being close without having to make it sexual. At this point no one would care if Oprah was gay, in fact some would applaud it.

I bring up this topic because I have a friend that I have been getting close to. Sure, we talk about all kinds of stuff, sex among them. But there is a boundary that we don't cross because sex could screw up the relationship.

It makes me wonder about people who talk about friends with sex benefits. I can see the attraction. It would be an easy lay without all the getting to know each other, awkwardness, and so on. But it does not come without strings, I don't think. Guys are fine, but most women are not capable of having sex without strings. They may talk a good game in the crowd, but then they go home and declare that all people want from them is sex, or how they feel used.

So, even though there might be an attraction I think I will keep my friend as that and give the benefits to someone where there are strings.

What are your thoughts? Do you think women can have sex without strings with friends?

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