Del Williams


Delores Williams Sequence of Events

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  • March 20 1965- Born

  • March 25-Given away to kathryn (cousin)

  • 1967-Removed by the State to a Girl's Home

  • 1969-Found by father and his girlfriend

  • 1972- Jean enters life.

  • 1973-Jean Wins Custody-gives Delores to Fathers brother/wife/Starts 5 sentence in Federal prison

  • 1980-Delores leaves Home

  • 1981-Girl's Home

  • 1981-1983-Job Corps Completes G.E.D

  • 1986-1990 College/BS in Education

  • 1991-1992- Theological education

  • 1993-Worked for AOL, Sprint, Directv, and self-employed

  • 2001-Interviews Preston King

  • 2008-Asked to Contribute Preston King Bio for Oxford University Press Project

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