Del Williams


I Will Not Beg

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Recently I blogged on how society does not owe poor blacks any more money. That brought a hailstorm of praise and criticism. What was funny was that for the most part people gave their views, but those who had no views got down to the name calling and bashing my accomplishments. One went so far as to call me a “self-righteous super critical tyrant.” Apparently being educated and accomplished was the reason. I wonder what he would have thought if I had been a crack head or had tons of kids that the government was paying for. This is typical of the uneducated and the ignorant they hate the educated. They hate that they did not have the guts to go after their dreams. Anybody not hustling is a “sell out”. God forbid someone worked for his or her money. God forbid someone started a business that is legal in all states. And most of all, God forbid if you tell the poor no. There is a standard many educated people keep lowering for the poor. We are to raise them up not give them a reason to stay where they are. What is to be gained by enforcing learned helplessness? How does our race benefit by giving ourselves permission to fail? We are a people that have endured being pulled from our Homeland, enslavement, civil rights abuses, and injustices, but out of them all we have been delivered. Sometimes our deliverance has come by the deaths of our own, but mainly by the hand of God. So, having endured what we have, how can we just lie down and beg? How can we place our lives in the hands of those we have long thought have sought our destruction? Why do we have our hand out to our former master? Where is our backbone and pride? Where is the blood of Kings and Queens that used to run through us? When the Jews were liberated, after having six million of them exterminated, they did not go to the Germans asking for a hand out. They got what was theirs, and then made use of it. The blacks have been free for so long, yet we keep going back to the master for our basic needs. When he says no, we call him a racist. Free people should be able to provide for themselves. Harriet Tubman said she would have been able to free more people had they realized they were slaves. What an indictment, but it is still true today.

Whatever you are, be a good one. - Abraham Lincoln
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