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Advice for Negative People: Shut UP!!

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A friend said she was throwing off feeling ikky because someone was negative towards her. The funny thing is this person does not know her personally. To which I must wonder what gives people the gall to think they have the right to criticize people they don’t know? How would they feel if perfect strangers just walked up and started picking them apart? I don’t think they would be too pleased.
If this was a rare occurrence, that would be one thing, but this mode of criticism has infiltrated everything from the personal to the political. It would be one thing if the negativity was concerning a product or a service, but the “critics” make the attacks personal. If the Right Guard takes a left, there may be a legitimate gripe, but how does cursing their mothers and calling them names help the cause? Most of it is generally cruel in its intent, and the kicker; most of it is done online. Yep, that’s right. The biggest critics are anonymous folks who seem to be able to dish it, but can’t take it themselves.
My conclusion is that these “critics” are nameless, faceless cowards who get off trying to hurt other people. They may have legitimate complaints, but lack the proper training to communicate in an adult manner. Instead of presenting the problem, or asking for guidance, they attack. Here’s a thought, suppose their wrong? Don’t hold your breath for an apology because their pride will get in the way.
Here’s the bottom line:
1. If you have to attack someone personally to feel like you’re being heard, then you don’t know how to communicate.
2. If the way you talked about someone else would bring you to tears or have you seeing red, then don’t do it to someone else.
3. Communicate the problem not your anger. If you knew how much longer a representative will make you wait if you curse them out, you would not be so quick to let loose.
4. If you are not willing to take ownership of a statement; keep you mouth shut.
It is about time that people get back to the place where good manners still mean something. There is no excuse for bad manners, or thoughtless, mean words to strangers.

Whatever you are, be a good one. - Abraham Lincoln
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