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Kathy Ireland Shows Her Grace and Essence on Dancing With the Stars

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Kathy Ireland was eliminated from Dancing With the Stars tonight. It was sad for many reasons, but the main was is because she brought elegance to the show. Sure, you can wear the sexy outfits, and do things that should only be done in the bedroom between a man and his wife,because it is expectation of society. Sex sells.

Kathy Ireland brought something different. She brought elegance and style. She showed that a woman does not have to be naked, or nearly so to engage a man. A real woman has grace, a sense of mystery, and shares parts of herself with others as the relationship warrants. She is not a buffet or trash can for people to throw their junk into. A lady is a lady at all times.

When did carrying yourself like a lady get such a bad rap? Has our society deteriorated to the point that the only time we want to listen to women is in the bedroom? I hope not, but sadly, TV is proof of how low women are still viewed. All the naked scenes in movies and shows, are women. It is rare that men bare it all.

Kathy Ireland said she did Dancing With the Stars to prove to her daughters that they can do anything if they were willing to work for it. Her lesson has been learned by all women. She may not have received the prize for the show, but if there was an award for kindness, dignity, elegance, and grace, it would be hers hands down.

Her selfless reason for doing Dancing With the Stars was to help raise money and awareness for nonprofit organizations. She did that, and did it well. Because of her participation, they will receive money for their organizations, and they don't have to worry about how they were represented. Thats a win.

Her dancing days may be over, but the character that brought her to the show will remain, because it is who she is at her core. She is an elegant woman.

Whatever you are, be a good one. - Abraham Lincoln
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