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Doing the Right Thing Even if it Costs You

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It is easy to say "do the right thing" when nothing is on the line, but what if there was,  such as money or a life? Recently I learned this lesson about doing the right thing even if it costs me. I had been hired to do something and from day one there was problem after problem. When the dust settled, it came out that it was clearly my fault, or rather my equipment. So, there is a client that has something unusable, someone else having to do the work, and money on the line.

Hours had been invested, other opportunities had been passed up for this one thing, all to fail big time. Technically I could have pursued my fee, since I did the work, but it did not sit well with    me. I had not delivered what I promised, and it didn't matter who or what was to blame.

It was one of the hardest emails to write waiving my fee, but it was also the most peaceful. Peaceful in that I made a choice that fit in with my values. If greed was my guiding principal then I would have sent a bill without a second thought, but there was a stronger principle at work in me. Integrity.

So, it cost me money and time, but in the end, I still won because I learned that "doing the right thing" sounds good from those who have nothing to lose, but feels good to those who do.

Whatever you are, be a good one. - Abraham Lincoln
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Willow said...

When something's on the line, the right choices are rarely easy...until you make them and you realize how good it feels to do the right thing. Thanks for sharing! It makes me smile when I hear a story like this, especially when we so often hear about people's experiences when someone makes the wrong choice or a selfish choice.