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We Will Recover--The Worst is Over Now

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It seems at the moment the new album "Strip Me" by Natasha Bedingfield is resonating with me. In this song "Recover" Natasha reminds us that yes, we have been through the fire, but we will recover. What is also good is there is not that "get over it" attitude that has become prevalent in our society.

I speak with thousands of people online each week, and the common ground they all have, is they are going through stuff. All handle their stuff differently, but still they are going through. People are lonely, hurting from break ups, relationship stuff, job and financial loss. Some are just coming to find who they are as their former identity has been stripped. Those who held titles as their worth are discovering that a title means little in the end.

So, I remind you that YOU HAVE SURVIVED and you deserve a standing ovation, really. You didn't quit on life, and that means something in this day and age. Thank you for sticking.

2011 is your year to shine bright and be empowered by what is in you.

Whatever you are, be a good one. - Abraham Lincoln
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