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Has Social Media Made Us Less Tolerant?

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I am moving toward the idea that with social media the world has become less tolerant than in times past. I am not speaking of sexuality, race, or even politics, but of people making mistakes.

Someone venting to their friends and family on a site like Facebook can be fired for it. I am not sure that is the path we want to start going down, or rather continue along. It tramps on the American right of free speech guaranteed to us in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

We know it does not cover hate speech, slander and such, so why have businesses decided that their employees do not have that right? When a person can be fired for criticizing a boss, students, or whatever, it seems to me we have moved the freedom of speech line.

We are used to it on TV where a person misspeaks or says something they should not and they are fired because of an intolerant public who picks it as their cause of the moment. This was troubling enough, but when people are having conversations with friends, that is fair game?

Yes, it is public, but as I have always said, it is not the ones who are talking who are the problem, but the ones who are silent and you don't know what is going on in their head until they go on a shooting rampage.

By being intolerant we are teaching this generation that if you mess up in thought, speech, or in  how I think you should be, I will destroy you. The funny thing is the people who REALLY are doing bad stuff, the people are quiet about or watch it for entertainment. But be a school teacher venting to her friends and it's OK to destroy her career. Something is wrong with that.

Whatever you are, be a good one. - Abraham Lincoln
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