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The Real Lesson in the "Bridesmaids" Movie

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I finally saw "Bridesmaids" movie, and it was funny, but there was also some lessons in it. One of the main lessons was to fight for your life and stop just taking whatever it dishes out to you. Or, stop being a victim of circumstances. The main character was down on her luck, but spent most of the movie feeling sorry for herself and having melt downs. When true friendship or love was present, she had no capacity to see it. Her business had gone down the toilet, the boyfriend dumped her when she no longer had a business, and of course, she had the "f*ck buddy" she let use her at the cost of her self esteem. Her roommates were beyond odd and her job was definitely not her calling. The Bride spent the movie becoming what she wasn't and basically throwing off her old friends for the wealthier ones. Having a wedding she couldn't afford and her father didn't want her to have. All for appearances. She, of course, gets mad at her real friend for telling her the truth, albeit in a really bad way. Megan, who was a tad touched to be sure, really was the voice of reason. She confronted victim girl in an odd way to get her to see that her problem was herself. Of course, the movie had the obligatory stereotypes with women having their kids cuss them out, wealthy marriages meaning one is lonely, and of course, the lesbian kiss. If you can get past all that and the raunchiness, there is a message in there that is worth hearing, and better yet, acting on. Whatever you are, be a good one. - Abraham Lincoln
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