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Cleaning Up My Twitter Stream

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No, not going to unfollow anyone or anything like that, but I am going to stop retweeting so much. Here is my reasoning. Most of what I retweeted, the people I follow, also follow, so no need for me to put it out there.
Second, little ROI on retweeting, meaning that most of it was not being retweeted on, so no way to gage what people were interested in or not. These are all time wasters for me, and it fills up people's streams who don't have a lot of followers.

You may disagree with this decision, but what I noticed was I actually went back to my roots and talked to people, and of course, the snide comment to some journalist. People started talking back too. I enjoy that. This is all about relationships, and if not retweeting stuff  my people don't really care loses me some followers, not worried about it.

Of course this does not mean I will never retweet again, as is clear from my time line, but I will be more careful about who and when I retweet. But might I add that on G+ I don't feel pressure to reshare posts like I do on Twitter, and I have to wonder why. I do reshare on G+, but not as much. We tend to converse about the topic instead. Yes, I know some of the "gurus" on Twitter might take issue with not retweeting, but until they can prove the real ROI for it for me and my followers, I think I will just go with my gut.

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