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December 31

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If January 1 is an ideal time for renewed consecration, December 31 is an ideal time for thankful reminiscence. The year has not brought us everything we might have hoped, but neither has it involved us in everything we might have feared. Many are the perils, the failures, the miseries we have escaped, and life to us is still gracious and wholesome and filled to the brim with satisfaction.
  Best day of all the year, since I
    May see thee pass and know
  That if thou dost not leave me high
    Thou hast not found me low,
  And since, as I behold thee die,
    Thou leavest me the right to say
  That I to-morrow still may vie
    With them that keep the upward way.
  Best day of all the year to me,
    Since I may stand and gaze
  Across the grayish past and see
    So many crooked ways
  That might have led to misery,
    Or might have ended at Disgrace—
  Best day since thou dost leave me free
  To look the future in the face.
  Best day of all days of the year,
    That was so kind, so good,
  Since thou dost leave me still the dear
    Old faith in brotherhood—
  Best day since I, still striving here,
    May view the past with small regret,
  And, undisturbed by doubts or fear,
    Seeks paths that are untrod as yet.
S.E. Kiser

Whatever you are, be a good one. - Abraham Lincoln
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