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Failure Is Only What You Make of It

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Recently I was given an opportunity to do something I really enjoy. I ignored the "checks" in my gut to turn down this "awesome" opportunity. That was my first mistake, ignoring my instincts.

As the project went on, it became clear that I was in way over my skill set. One too many "you can do it" books told me to push through  and at least try. The only problem with this logic was there was no time to learn how to do what I was now being asked to do.

The result was two people being very frustrated (my self and the producer). I worked hard and still it was wrong. I am pretty good at tapping into things, and I knew my days were numbered for this project. Oddly enough I was at peace with it. Part of me wanted to quit, but that's not in my DNA. So, when they fired me, no one said it, really, I just knew.
No need for explanations on either side, just hand over the material, delete all the stuff off computer, and watch a movie.

May I say the sigh of relief I felt was almost staggering. If I had not tried, I would have been kicking myself, but  it turns out I had cut/recut this project 37 times. So while the norm is to say I failed, I don't see it that way. I see it as a learning curve. I learned to stick with what I do best, to continue to learn to be better at that and don't ignore your gut.

Whenever I think of failure I think of Thomas Edison. If he had given up every time something didn't work, we would not be as technologically advanced as we are and writing by candlelight. So, my word to you today is failure is only what you make of it. What looks like failure could be the thing that reveals your purpose more clearly.

Whatever you are, be a good one. - Abraham Lincoln
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