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I Am Growing Sick of Twitter "Rules"

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Oh, for the days of old when being on Twitter meant there were no rules. They are long gone and replaced by whiny babies who call themselves experts posting their do's and don'ts of Social Media.

So what are the rules they have pronounced?
1. Do retweet all my crap, but don't post any of your own.
2. Do Promote my snake oil and I MIGHT throw you an "affiliate" fee or allow you to talk to me.
3. Don't post your own blog post or you will be accused of being nothing but a marketer.
4. Don't talk about your kids, food, politics, religion, alcohol or swear.
5. Don't talk to me without being introduced and make no attempt to be introduced.
6. Don't bother me at conferences I have more important people to meet, but do buy my book and give it a great review on Amazon and of course, tweet that.
7. Don't thank people for retweeting you, but do get ticked off and blast them if they challenge your post or tweet.
8. Do unfollow anyone who is can call your BS by what it is.

Well, you know what, here has been the outcome of these "all knowing" specialist of nothing.
1. People don't talk on Twitter anymore, they go elsewhere to do it and leave their tweeting on auto-pilot.
2. The "experts" are outnumbering us normal folks so they can hang their shingle and sell their promises of an ROI to some unsuspecting business.

I am pissed off because these parasites have taken over Twitter and social media events. What I want to see is the checkbook. Is all their "expertise" paying off literally or are they as phony as a $3 bill? They are like the so called life coaches where statistics prove they make no money. In fact, the average income of a LC is $10,000 per year. I suspect the same is true for all these Twitter experts. They are just a bunch of loud mouths who know how to spin a tale online while being supported by someone else.

So here is my FREE advice, unsolicited but necessary. Don't listen to these fake gurus and stop this moment with the idol worship. If you have been on Twitter any amount of time you know just as much as they do and probably more. If you want to talk to your friends, go ahead. Want to show that picture of the baby  or cat rolling a ball, be my guest. It's time for the sane, normal people to take back Twitter from these self serving people who need therapy for their need to feel important


Whatever you are, be a good one. - Abraham Lincoln
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exiledstardust said...

Hahahaha. I love this.