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Freelancers Need Business Mentality Instead of Employee Thinking

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Foolishly I tend to visit writing forums. Afterwards I generally feel the need for a bath, but I keep getting sucked into this cesspool of negativity. My issue with them is the overwhelming negative nature of them. Instead of these creative artists supporting each other and helping, they tend to kill their young. Meaning new writers. The cliches or bullies as I like to call them circle the new writers like sharks who have smelled blood in the water. In a sense I get that writing online is competitive. People on most of these forums are scraping by on income from pay per views and pennies for articles, so a new person is a threat to them. What I don't get is that they willfully ignore sound advice on raising their income by branching out instead of relying on one place for income. So instead they go from place to place until they either get the Demand Studios type of "firing" or another site decides to go in a "different" direction. Some have claimed to have lost 90% of their income due to changes at Yahoo and Demand Studios. Strangely I see this as the writer's fault. Here's why: They knew from others that things were changing but went the route of "It's not going to happen to me, they must just be bad writers." or the "I am loyal til the death even for pennies, so I won't run a profitable business, but instead allow myself to go broke to prove it." Both of these plans have come back to slap people in the face. Now there are threads and threads on "Where can I make money online?" or "Who offers the most pay?" and my personal favorite, "I need to make (Insert HUGE amount here) in 3 days." Now to be fair most of the people writing this are work at home types, particularly moms. They don't think like business owners, but employees. They do their assignments and no more. They wait for opportunities to come to them instead of going out and making their own. So, the issue is with their mindset. Running a profitable business is not a curse, and if a client has no work,then as a business owner you should secure it elsewhere. My feeling is, since all of the main writing spots are pay per view, there is absolutely no reason to stick to one place. These writers tend to write five or more articles a day, so by spreading it out among various places, they would not be reliant on just one place. Further, as some of these writers have gained lots of experience in writing, they should be doing ebooks as another passive income generator. It is time for the employee mentality to be over and to do what is best for your income. Whatever you are, be a good one. - Abraham Lincoln
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