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I am Beginning to Hate Writers

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I have been writing forever, or as long as I can remember. Anyway, the one thing I have found consistently is that dealing with other writers is like hate in pure form. It's like the episode of "Sex and the City" where the guy who wrote a book which didn't sell dumped Carrie because hers did.
If you need a dose of hate, venom, or jealousy, then head to the nearest writer's forum or blog. What makes it so bad is if you pointed out the negativity, they would swear they were just being "realistic." No, realistic does not mean being unkind, belittling, or hateful. That's just petty.

What got me on this was because I was reading an article where the person was sharing how using Kindle Select helped save their previously none selling book. The venom that came from the comments were from people who didn't seem to get it, and instead wanted to say that selling no books was "good" for a self-publisher. Tell that to the bank when you have no money for the mortgage.

They couldn't see that it was a business decision that helped do what the author had not been able to do, sell his book. If no one is reading the book, then you cannot spread anything, it's just something you did. Whooptie doo.

Really what this was, in a not so subtle disguise, was jealousy. He made a great decision which turned things around and they felt they HAD to share that it meant nothing really. Well, yeah it does mean something, and their very thinking is the reason their books are not selling.

In forums, the venom is worse, because it is not even disguised. It is blatant and mean-spirited. Let me say for the record, I am not talking about real professional writers, but ones who sit at home writing articles for a few bucks. They can't see they can make more, so they attack anyone who actually is. On one site which shall not be named, they have had to shut down forums because of the animosity.

Something has to change in the way people think. One person's success does not mean someone else has to fail, and that is what people think. "Oh, if they bought his book, they won't buy mine." That's ludicrous but people seem to think it. Second, any writer who puts himself out there is already a success. What they don't need are people who refuse to do the work, and feel the need to try to choke other people's success.

So, in short, I am beginning to hate writers who are not willing to do the work, and want to spread their lack of due diligence to others through criticism of those who do the work.

Whatever you are, be a good one. - Abraham Lincoln
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