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KOMEN and CNN Victims of New Type of Bullying

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KOMEN caved and gave Planned Parenthood back some funding to appease the abortion movement, NOT the breast cancer research people. CNN caved and suspended Roland Martin to appease the gay community. It's a new wave of bullying where groups now bully other groups through social media to get them to do what they want. It's not pretty and it should concern people.

So, OK Planned Parenthood gets some money from Komen, but if all the people who were so "outraged" put their money where their mouth was, Planned Parenthood wouldn't have to depend on outside funding. The Gay and Lesbian community is sorta different because they really are victims, but in the case of Roland Martin, they were being a tad overly sensitive. For CNN to suspend him to appease them was dumb.

It seems to be the way of so called victims now to run to the media or social media and destroy anyone they don't like to get them to do what they want. That's bullying. It's no different from when Jesse Jackson was shaking down companies saying he would call them racist or tell Black people to boycott them if they didn't give money to his fund.

I am more than willing to pick up the megaphone for groups who really are victimes of discrimination, but not so much when they are picking fights and running to the media (like their mommy) to help them do the bashing of their enemies.

Here's the thing, Planned Parenthood gets their Komen funding, but they got it by extortion and lots of bad will.  And I think there will come a time when their funding will be cut off and there won't be a thing Planned Parenthood can do about it. Actually Planned Parenthood should not accept the money since clearly KOMEN does not believe in their mission, but greed knows no bounds.

The thing with Roland Martin was over really, and no one made an issue of it but GLAAD, so they got their way, but I think they also got more people who are tired of having to tip toe around what they say less GLAAD takes it as gay bashing. I am all for gay rights, and I understand the discrimination, but by turning into bullies they don't get to use the victim card for too much longer.

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