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Who Are You Playing Games With?

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Let's think of this post as a metaphor. I play games on Facebook. One in particular called Millionaire City by Digital Chocolate. The point is to build a profitable city through rent and/or commerce. Playing alone, with no neighbors, it can be a daunting task.

For the longest time, I visited their forum and people were really big on "add me" and "help me" but the result was perhaps three additional friends and almost no help with builds. When friends help build stuff for you it chops time off the the amount of time it takes for it to build.

By a fluke I joined a Facebook group with members of this game, and what a difference it made. Wonders and buildings that normally took anywhere from eight hours to thirty days were finished in minutes. People on here who actually posted they wanted neighbors friended me back within minutes.

So, where's the metaphor? It's simple, in life there are people who SAY they want to do this and that with you or for you, but when you need them, they are no where to be found. The real question is are they in the game playing with you or just trying to make it appear like they are? In my real life, I have had to adjust my view of friendship vs acquaintance. In business I had to learn the difference between a real prospect and the window shopper because I had confused the two quite a bit since I listened to the words and ignored the actions/in-actions.

In the end, whether its games, your personal or professional life, it doesn't matter what people say, it matters what they do. 

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