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How Long Are We to Tolerate Hate and Meanness Online?

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Mean comments, flame wars, and open intolerance and racism seems to have found a home online. I am wondering when will we have enough of it. The reason I ask is because I was reading an article about Four Christian young adults who were killed in a plane crash and many of comments on it took aim at Oral Roberts, the man. They were graduates or professors from the school, so many who made comments decided it was time to take cheap shots at a dead man or Christianity.

Forgive me if I don't get that. People were killed and it had zero to do with anything else. So, I am failing to see where lack of real compassion and being downright mean-spirited has a place. Of course, I know studies and polls have shown that some people are more willing to be this way online, and as of now there is not a tool in the world to block all of them.

The trolls I am used to, but such hate staggers me a tad. Another case was on a Google+ post which Starbucks put up showing some coffee. Someone (this time a real troll) decided he didn't like Black people, so he wrote:

junior echaveMay 11, 2012
shut the fuck up u short ass bitch just wait untill u quief the coffe out

It had nothing to do with the topic on their types of coffee. It was just a cheap shot that someone felt comfortable making, just to be a jerk. The problem is that for too long we have been giving them space to do this without repercussions. They have skated along spreading their hate and personal attacks on strangers for no other reason than they can get away with it. 

I am saying enough is enough. I am becoming more and more supportive of the UK laws which holds people accountable for stuff they say online. Some people have actually gone to jail. It's about time we bring that to America. 

I am not interested in stopping free speech, which none of this falls under, but with stopping the spread of hate. People should be able to post stuff without trolls taking it over. What say you?
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